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Chris and Debra Elliott are a married couple of an age that resembles the speed limit on two-lane straightaways in rural areas. We’re sixty. Or close. It is my (Chris’s) first marriage and Debra’s second. We will have been married a year as of June 17, the approximate halfway point on this proposed 7,000 mile journey (at the time of this writing, we leave tomorrow). Ulp.

The basic idea is to document participation in open stage situations of various types all across the country. I am looking for poetry slams, open poetry readings, singer/songwriter solo showcases, blues jams, jazz jams, comedy open stages and any other environment that seems appropriate. Is it a pitch for a reality TV show? Debra and I don’t fight enough for that to work. Is it a book deal pitch? It doesn’t feel like a thing that is to be read. It seems to me to be squarely in the visual medium bailiwick. For now, it’s a way for Debra and I to get closer (there is about 75 square feet or so of living space in our RV I’m guessing), and to challenge my own resourcefulness and imagination in terms of artistic expression.


So, that’s it. We are taking six weeks to travel 7,000 miles and trying to drop in on as many open mic events as possible. I have to thank the Guitar Center family of companies for having as a part of their employee attraction strategy a program that permits employees to take six unpaid weeks off to tour or do whatever gigs they may wish to do. It is the first time I’ve taken advantage of the program, and I am jazzed for this.